1.Top of the Tops
IBA, 2013 

2.   Featured in top ten Indian blogs in Personal and Humour Categories.

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3. Editor's Choice from Blogjunta
4. Several posts picked as Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday Picks by Blogadda

5. Listed as a Platinum blogger in August 2015 on Indian Top Blogs.
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  1. Hi Alka, hope you are doing great!
    This is Vaibhav and I truly admire you as one of the most accomplished bloggers I have ever read.I haven't read you much elsewhere, but you are simply amazing on Huffingtonpost and FreeBird, especially the touch of daily-lives you add. Now, I have no clue if you would like it or not, but I just want to learn and this will truly be a dream coming true if you could find some time to help me out.

    If anything can be done, kindly let me know at Many many thanks.