Friday Gurgaon

I am a contributing writer for a weekly newspaper called Friday Gurgaon.

I have written more than hundred articles for Friday Gurgaon. I  also featured on their cover page. Click Here

 Published in Friday Gurgaon

 Book Reviews

More than three dozen books reviewed for Friday Gurgaon including biographies, self-help books and fictional stories.

1.The Casual Vacancy
2. Total Recall
3.The Test of my Life
4.Boats on Land

 Articles on Health and Wellness
My educational background in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, enables me to write articles on Health and Wellness.  Here are a few published links.
1. Olives

Articles on Media and Television  
My first love remains critiquing the media, news and television.
1.What Ails Indian Television
2.Telly Talk 
3.Maudlin Soaps 


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