Monday, September 6, 2010



From an Indian perspective the very thought that God did not create our Universe seems sacrilegious. In his new book, The Grand Design, renowned British physicist, Stephen Hawking did just that. Going by his words, “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going,” Universe was created by chance. The laws of gravity substantiate his claim. On the other hand famous author Paulo Coelho of the bestselling novel, ‘The Alchemist’ says, “Nothing in this world happens by chance.” Now I am confused. That’s enough of dharma sankat for me! By chance, by Big Bang, or by design? I do not know. What I know is that the entire Delhi administration is counting on Him. If there is no God, who will save our face during the Con Games? Also, every time we fumble we need divine intervention. First we pray for rains to come and then we pray for rains to go away during the games because we were not ready. We just can’t leave HIM alone can we?
And to think that no one is watching us, is a scary scenario.After all most of us have created ruckus when teacher was not watching or jumped red lights in the absence of a traffic policeman. So if no one is watching our moves there are bound to be dramatic effects. But the consequences are only for the common people, the cattle class. Our netas are least bothered about HIS existence. They pursue self interests with dedicated doggedeness, irrespective of HIS watchful eyes.The moment one rises out of a scam, another falls with twice the thud. Only to get up, wash the dust in the eyes of semi blind nation and continue with impunity.

Thank God, Mr. Hawking has generalized his statement by not mentioning the names of Gods. Had he named a few, his book would be the most controversial thing, given the Indian predilection for discussing controversies.
Take faith and religion away and we find no reason for our existence. From our festivals to food, religion is a way of life. So as you read Hawking's book you scratch your head wondering, if God did not mother us billions of years ago, who did? Most definitely not Adam and Eve? “That story is a load of crap,” my ten year old nephew tells me.

Faith is so deep rooted in our life that drives us, motivates us and in fact, is the reason for our happiness in spite of all the misery. Climbing uphill barefoot, waiting in queues for the holy prasadam, fasting and sacrificing are all different facets of our life. All linked to faith.

Never mind. God might not have existed according to science but faith in God exists. How can He not exist? For if He does not exist, surely how can we?

With all due respect to Mr Hawking as a physicist, he better keep mum on his book launch in India or find his own way to Nirvaana.

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