Thursday, February 10, 2011


The US President revealed his lighter side as he ventured into his concerns as a father. His worries about daughter Malia, who turns twelve in July found the first mention. “Like most of you my prayers are general: Lord, give me patience as I watch Malia go to her first dance – where there will be boys. Lord let that skirt get longer as she travels to the dance.”

Life is such a great leveler. So what if he is the President; he is also a concerned daddy at heart. His dreams, his worries reverberate with most fathers in the world.

Fathers remain indulgent and protective towards daughters, but become coaches and purveyors of wisdom for sons. The love remains unconditional for both yet the former relationship remains verbal whereas the latter sometimes becomes muted.
Once children grow up, dads continue to remain heroes for daughters, yet, seldom remain buddies for sons. The stereotypical image of a filmi father comes to mind where the righteous dad tells his wayward son to pack his bags and leave the house for good.

Whether it is a son or a daughter, the transition from an innocent child to an unpredictable teen  goes away in a flash. When was the last time my son did not get up early to watch cartoon ? When was it that he stopped giggling at  fart making jokes? When did he stop holding my hand in the market? Or when did he start conveying his disapproval with a studied silence instead of whining loudly? I never seem to have noticed. Yet these were milestones just like learning to walk or learning to ride a bicycle.

As I go back in time, it feels like yesterday. Or was it a lifetime ago? I am talking about my first bicycle ride. And who else but daddy was there holding the cycle, as I nervously perched on the pink seat. I was nervous but confident. Dad wouldn’t let me fall. As I wobbled, he jogged alongside enthusiastically. Within minutes the bicycle zoomed and he continued running alongside, until he was sure that I won’t fall. The ever protective dad!

Later when I went to a hostel, my dad turned up every weekend for the initial few months. My brother holds this grouse that dad never ever went to meet him. On second thoughts, he should be thankful. I doubt any eighteen year old boy would want dad with chocolates in a boy’s hostel.

I lost my dad to the emperor of maladies. While I feel his presence guiding, monitoring, and mentoring me, I long for the warmth of his protective hug, his comforting presence and the glint of his reassuring eyes.

Daddy's Little Girl. Always.
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  1. Long ago, dads had the easiest job in the world. they ordered and it was done

    But Obama they can do nothing but pray...what's the use of being the Prez of USA

    Down here @ my place its the duty of the dad to go mad when sis wears anything 'inappropriate'

  2. Umm... I'm a boy and I wish it always be otherwise :P

  3. Guys have a lot of differences with their dads. But ultimately, the mutual love never fades away.

    About Val day parties .. till the time am a father of a teenage girl, i will keep liking the 'otherwise' :)

  4. Who will God listen to immediately, the prayers of many boys, or the earnestness of one caring Dad? We'll see about that later.

    But an interesting article.
    Perhaps, fathers daughter and mothers son terms have been coined after deep thought and observation, by who ever coined them. But yes, differences are there even between mother and sons, its between parents and children, I guess its the time difference we live and they lived at the age we are.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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  6. I loved this post. It opens ever so beautifully and remains so till the end.

    My brother always says, if dad's heart were a survey diagram, then about 60% of it belonged to me, about 30% to mom and the remain cake-slice resembling 10% went to him. And when he would say that, dad would only smile.

    Loved this.

  7. Happy father's day, Alka. Dil garden garden ho gaya! Actually not garden-garden but nostalgic-nostalgic.

  8. @Stranger, Vishal...Thanks for reading.

    @Jon...I guess Obama has kicked smoking too..only for his girls.

  9. @Rachit....I can

    @DG...Kal kisne dekha hai...Enjoy...the otherwise..

  10. @BA...All boys are speaking in one voice...dil ki baat. Poor fathers!

    @Cinderella...Thanks dear. Hope u r enjoying Bangalore.

    @Giribala...I felt nostalgic too, while writing.

  11. Boys have all together a different sort of relation with their Dad's. We don't share much of our personal space but eventually Who's our Hero? Dad is our Hero

  12. The bond between a father and a daughter is always special. She gets pampered silly and knows can get away with almost anything.

    When I went on dates, I would always tell my Mum but never my Dad. Didn't want him freaking out.

  13. Another masterpiece Alka .... this one is awesome !!!

  14. wow..i love this
    and loved the line...
    no one on his death bed ever said"i wish i had paid more attention to my business"

    such a sentimental read:-)

  15. hmm yeah true my dad was the strict one for sure , I hardely talked to him cause the answer would be NO.. but strangely enough the NO's never came when it was my sis asking for something .. so i had to patao them to get my work done ..


  16. nice name
    name daddies girl say it all

  17. @Prateek...Dads will forever remain heroes...


  18. @Purba....The father daughter bond is special.Unfortunately, i lost mine yet I feel his presence all the time.

    @Suruchi....Glad u liked it.

  19. @bikram... Funny boys behave like their dads once they have children of their own.

  20. so true! :)
    wonderfully put as always!

  21. My twin daughters will be teens within a matter of two years.... And I'm already repeating Obama's prayers!

  22. @magiceye..Thanks.

    @Umashankar.....Awww you are blessed. I so miss having a daughter. I am sure u are their hero.

  23. coming from a large family, I can't recall my father being so protective of me, but he had his ways of showing his closeness. For instance, he always listened to me when I ranted about rituals and customs that got on my nerves and then explain patiently why they were important. Losing a father can be shattering, no matter what your age.

  24. @Zephyr....Yes, it sure is devastating...

  25. Enjoyed reading this post Alka! It is ofcourse, as you say, close to my heart too!
    But its my mother who prays that my skirs get lenghtier! I would buy long skirts to satisfy my mom, and give them to tailor to cut them till just above the knees :D
    My dad has never questioned on them, as long as I wore a decent dress. He hates me wearing tees.
    Dads are always heroes according to a girl!

  26. Made me emotional alka..The stanza were you explained how dad kept jogging besides you when you were cycling ,and then he was left behind and you were way ahead..;it's such a factious thing in every person's life!

  27. Daughters are closest to their Father, aren't they?

  28. human beings are born with emotions irrespective of who they are....

    for a moment i was thinking about my daughter, she is of 9 yrs now.....

  29. Aren't We Blessed?

    the para about how dad helps to teach to ride bicycle...warmed my eyes...SO Lovely :)

  30. @Vaish..Yup, heroes forever.

    @Rajji @Beyond Horizon...whatever comes from the heart touches a chord somewhere.

    @Irfanuddin...Thanks for reading and God bless your angel.

    @BKC..Yes, they are.

  31. lol...True...when I see some guys looking at my teenage daughter I feel like gorging out their eyes...