Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shed Your Own or Rip Theirs Off ?

My Guest Post on 'The Unwise Prevails over the Wise'

A preview  -
Also, for girls to shed clothes one has to arouse passions. Dirty minds, I am talking about nationalistic passions here. Just the way Dhoni and his men did on the eve of the World cup. The patriotism reached such a crescendo that a certain model was ready to bare all for the World Cup winners. Of course, it’s debatable whether the proposed act of generosity was for self promotion or passions; patriotic or otherwise.
Coming back to Putin, his campaign took off with a bang. Young pretty women made a lingerie calendar with personal messages for their beloved Putin and sang songs, “I want a man like Putin”. It is tough to imagine Indian girls doing that for Manmohan or Advani?

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  1. Who wouldnt want to do that for MMS.He needs some pep uppills

  2. Yeah...dark times...
    We definitely need a shining light to guide us through.

    Perfect Writing.


  3. Alka,

    With the current state of affairs, someone should tear apart politicians' clothes and put them in jail without them in hot and cold weather.

  4. Great post! Very insightful! :)

  5. Well-written, Alka! Majority of Indian women have only a few pairs of ripped clothes to wear, thanks to all the pot-bellied politicians and bureaucrats :-)

  6. Alka,

    Navigated, read and left my comment.

    Take care