Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mr. Terrorist,

I think you have got it all wrong. Please don’t get angry, I am only trying to understand your cause. I am sure you have a motive behind the great pains you take to conduct blasts. What exactly is your motive?
To kill innocent men, women and children?
To challenge the Indian state?

Is it revenge ?
Do you wish to gain territory by your acts of violence?

Or do you simply derive sadistic pleasure over gory scenes of blood soaked bodies strewn all over? What is it?

I am sure you are intelligent enough to comprehend the fact that killing innocent people is not helping your cause. You can continue the mayhem and achieve nothing for the next hundred years. That’s clear isn’t it? So what exactly do you want?

Of course if you wish to abuse someone feel free to use the word - resilient. It has become an invective. You see, people have no choice. What does one do when hit by the biggest calamity in life? Rebuild and restart. The cowards of course have the option of jumping on the train tracks or hanging from a fan.

If your aim is to challenge the Indian state, your idea stems from a basic misconception. The Indian state does not value human life. It’s the cheapest commodity available. And in plenty. When you execute an attack, you simply provide fodder for the two main political parties to indulge in their favorite sport - a slanging match. It is time for them to see saffron and green hues in red - the color of blood. I sometimes wonder what color blood flows in their own veins. Is it saffron or green? Perhaps there is no blood. Only disgusting, toxic and polluted politics flows in their veins.

I know that you derive strength from the fact that a majority of politicians and policemen in Maharashtra are not hand in glove but hand in pocket with the underworld. As long as the powerful are safe in their security bubbles you have a free run. And even if you get caught, you can lead a safe, protected life in jail where the home minister will come and ask you, “kaise ho bhai?”

If your aim is to stop the foreign investors, then also your strategy is not working. I am sure you are aware that the sensex rebounds after every bomb attack. Why then? But I would be very interested to know where your funds flow from. Who wants to see India’s growth story dying a natural death? Whoever it is need not worry, our leaders have done a great job of smothering the ‘India Story’. The world no longer talks about China and India in the same breath.
If you aim to take revenge then also this method of random blasts is not working. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Also in random attacks, you are not sure that the body being ripped apart has saffron or green on his sleeves. Can you? 


  1. We need plenty more 'A Wednesdays'. Besides, we shld adopt Chanakya-neeti as our foreign policy instead of sucking up to Pak & USA.

  2. "If your aim is to challenge the Indian state, your idea stems from a basic misconception. The Indian state does not value human life. It’s the cheapest commodity available. And in plenty. When you execute an attack, you simply provide fodder for the two main political parties to indulge in their favorite sport - tu-tu mein mein."

    Absolutely agree with this...Its high time...we bring those politicians to their senses.

    By Bringing the authorities to a public humiliation by hanging banners on each and every house...and using as many abuses and cuss words in there for the corrupt politicians and authorities...and on the roads, highways..important places...everywhere...idea being..wherever they go..they should see this...and doing it day by day everyday..untill...they come to these senses....We will have to be shameless, unrestrained....to deal with them.

  3. I can vouch your POV. Indeend resilient has now grown into an insult and abuse. Rahul Gandhi's statement after Mumbai attack provided pillars to the word.

  4. These architects of terror have certain strategic aims and they choose their means on the basis of their perceptions of our reaction. The only influence we have over that deadly calculus is to ensure that the killers know that the cost of their operations will redound on their own heads and on the countries and peoples that shelter them or consort with them in the form of unsustainable losses and irreparable damages.
    Well written Alka.

  5. :) good one .. Can is say DITTO to the questions asked .. I do hope someone answers ..

    I too gave them some good ideas on my blog , that they can use and leave the innocent people out of it ..


  6. So true... your questions itself are the answers to them.

    Weakest Link: Personal
    News Not Making News: Dream

  7. true...bomb the swiss bank...we will sure see some reaction from the politicians...

  8. @Indian Top Blogs.... Thank you indeed.

    @Mayank....Yes, action now. Time is over for words.

    @Kunnu.....Thank you for visiting this blog. As you rightly said, its time for actions to speak.

  9. @Prateek.... Rahuls comments were very ill timed.They cant even say the right words to reassure people .....forget actions.

    @Shalini....You are bang on....Its serving no ones purpose and thus my question...WHY? Thanks for reading. I just wrote it on an impulse.

    @Bikram....I doubt...we will continue to grope in the dark and the worst part is that this is not the last one... Though I wish to God it is.

  10. @Rachit....There are no answers....unfortunately and no action either. Only words.

    @SUB...If that happens, there will be some action.

  11. The last paragraph just took my heart!
    It is high time that people stop dying and losing their loved ones for no fault of their own but just because some maniac chose to give some random message that goes unnoticed!

    Congratulations on being selected by the Top bloggers site too! Highly deserving Alks and this is just the beginning!:-)
    So proud of u!

  12. I dare say, nor the corrupt Politician, nor the misled terrorist in search of jannat would listen. They have lost the ability to listen long ago, and now it is us who are loosing it.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. @Alka,

    With a single post, you have captured the essence of terrorists and Indian government - both. Very very well written. Terrorists and the government both are wrong....I cannot agree more.

  14. very well written I agree..
    why target the common man...target the politicians and Indian officials who have tons of money lying in the Swiss banks..or even so called these celebs (I am surprised ...a party thrown by shahrukh when this incident happened) shame on him..hypocrite and a losers of all time those who cant share pain of others!

  15. You almost say what I'd like to say, but I am too tired to talk about both terrorism and corruption now. Nice post!

  16. Its so much simpler killing the aam admi. He is just a number...a pawn in this game of vendetta.

  17. wish some sense prevail into them and they atleast think once before killing those people again who are already dead managing daily stresses of life and two square meals a day.

    Nice Post....

  18. Suru... you must be a damn wonderful person to see the world with " all is beautiful pair of glasses'. Love ur candid one liners on FB.Thanks.

    @Anshul.... Unfortunately, it has become a routine and life goes on....

    @A... Thank you indeed.

  19. @Harman... when one VVIP dies, God forbid, but only then the state will wake up.



  20. @Purba...Bingo.

    @Irfanuddin...I hope and pray that this one was the last one.. No more.All right thinking people hope the same.


  21. brilliant write!

    but i wish the terrorist was a person of reason...

  22. :)
    if only they could read this!
    aam-aadmi has many enemies including life...

  23. How i wish they cud read this and have an answer to why do they do what they do!

  24. @Deepak....True. I too doubt if he is sane .

    @Oldfox...So very well said.

  25. Alka,

    A post from heart. What you say is truth. Do politicians bother about lives lost? I doubt. In my comments to some posts by other bloggers on this issue I have been saying that need of the day is that we become ONE without thinking of religion or region. But that is impossible dream as that will curtail dreams of our respected politician to gain what they wish to without bothering about nation. It is high time they realise that they have to bury their petty minded difference and join hands to fight this menace. Good thought provoking post.

    Take care

    PS : Left comments on previous 3 posts also. Congratulations on being chosen by ITB.

  26. First my congratulations on getting the Award

    Now on your post, you said eye for eye makes the world blind but some terrorists are indoctrinated on religious shit so much that they take up arms. But for past some years blasts in Indian metros have become so common that everyone sadly forgets them easily

  27. @Jack...Thank you. Your comments are valuable.

    @Kushal..Thank you indeed.

    @Pesto sauce...You are right. The terrorist handlers brain wash youngsters and sit back with the remote. Those who indulge in such acts are not sane enough. Some do it for money and some for religion.Poverty and lack of education does strange things to people.

  28. "He is already dead managing daily stresses of life and two square meals a day. Why kill him again?"
    You hit the nail on the head, Alka. he common man has indeed been killed by other stresses: work, family, corruption, scams, why kill him again?

  29. I just simply wish they stop their mad agenda.

  30. as original as always! how i wish that it reaches many more .ur write ups are latest, about topics which effect the common man and most of all-evryone in my fmly loves reading it!

  31. ...And I want to point out, why does everybody always speak about spirit of the Indian State?Hell, if this goes on we will only have spirits here!
    Very nice article Alka...