Saturday, November 20, 2010


Waging war against flab and losing it despite a strict diet regimen? Blame it on the ‘greediness gene’, says a recent study published in the Nature Genetics journal.
Little surprise then that, I was unable to control my cravings for cheese and chocolate. Since I cannot alter my genes, I cannot change my eating habits. So what should I do? Honestly, I think while scientists and researchers are unable to come to any conclusion; the easiest way out is, blame the genes.

Study or no study, I can vouch for a fact that there surely is a ‘number crunching gene’. How, you ask? Well, it is absent in my cells. It was never there. My tutor was clueless. Had he realized that my ‘number crunching gene’ was missing, he would have lost less hair.
After these absurdities, I am wondering what exactly is in my control. Now I desperately wanted to unearth the mystery. Help was just a tap away. The moment my fingers tapped the search button, I was amazed!
The list is long. There is a gene for shop lifters, for kleptomaniacs, for wife beaters, for addictions, for cake cravings, for depression, for wrinkles…. Guess what? There is a gene responsible for hating broccoli and spinach! Poor moms get livid for nothing. And just when you thought that there was no one to blame for your rising credit card woes, a study links a gene with impulsive spending. For the lazy, couch potatoes, the culprit is ‘idle-bone gene’, a study reveals.
And there is one for bad driving too. I love this one. I was thrilled to read about the fact that bad driving can also be blamed on a particular gene. Ha…ha vindication. Finally! About 30 percent of Americans have the variant gene for bad driving. While 30 percent of Americans have this rogue gene, surely double the Indians must be having it. Coupled with the ‘road rage gene’, soaring temperatures and lunar craters, our roads promise one helluva ride!

Surprisingly there is an ‘early first sex’ gene for teenagers. Parents can keep a tighter vigil…um, since the gene is there.

A gene variant which is present in four of 10 men can explain why some men are more prone to stormy relationships and bond less to their wives or girlfriends. In the same vein, unfaithful women have a rogue gene coupled with high levels of estrogen, responsible for their ‘escapades’.Then dawned a profound moment, a moment of inner deliverance…There must be a corruption gene wired in the political DNA.  Okay, okay poor chaps, how can they fight the inevitable?

Understood in this manner, we are mere puppets controlled by our genes. On a serious note, where does the karma theory come in? Surely I am not a terrible person, if my genes make me forget the moral science lessons, make me steal, cheat, or abuse?

If genes and hormones compel me do horrible things, then are the consequences mine? How will I be judged on my Karma Meter? As a deliberate offender, or as a victim of rogue genes coupled with hormonal imbalance? How?

Kindly enlighten.I am confused.


  1. You forget. He is the greatest software programmer of all :) Period.

  2. Really cool post....Genes are the real culprits surely ! And i really thank those scientists who come up wit 'gene theory' for everythng ... helps us in doin anythng n blame it on poor old genes !

  3. Hi Alka, this was again a funny post.Giggled a lot while reading it :)From where did you get so much psychological research data, I have no idea. Looks like you worked very hard. :)The gene for corruption was the best !

    Now coming to a serious note, I would like to add something to it. When they say they found a gene, it could also mean they are referring to "recessive genes".

    In many cases a particular gene might not manifest itself and when it does, it is only under certain conditions. So the people who are the carrier of those genes might just go without them manifested all their lives :)

    Also,I think these genes are likely to be found only in minority of the population. So its not that every person who is indulging in a said behavior is because he/she is the carrier of such a gene. Because Most people are not :)
    [thankfully] !!

    For corrupt leaders, this information can help all those who have pending cases :) But luckily law does not allow crimes even "genes" were to be responsible for them. :)

    And the Karma theory still holds good for me not for my next life but for my own peace of mind :)

  4. @Jayanth.. His programming is mindboggling.

    @Chocoholic...Thanks for stopping by.

  5. @Mayank and wecognize....Boichemistry and Microbiology were my subjects during postgrad. Molecular biology is so complex
    that humans will break their heads for decades and yet there will be new frontiers to conquer.

    And yes, Karma theory is needed for the peace of mind and to maintain sanity in society.

  6. Cool informative post with touch of humor:)
    but we definitely cant blame it 2 d genes everytime...learning...experience..circumstance does play a major role...cant say ITS IN OUR GENES DUDE ;-) wer s d will power?

  7. Alka,

    Nice one with a lot of humour. You have given nice excuse to be used by Raja & Co.

    Take care

    PS : Looking for your views on my posts.

  8. Someone should do a research on bloging tendencies too. I suspect the hands, or whatever applicable, of genes there also.

  9. i am toh born clueless n conpuzzled..anyhow...u dont look your age...beautiful !

  10. Genes is a sorry excuse for people who don't want to take charge.

    Nice post Alka.

  11. @Beyond Horizon...Ha..ha. Yes, imagine ramming my car and telling the officer, "Its not my fault.All in the genes."

    @Jack...Yes, sure.

  12. @Harish, Purba..Thanks for taking time and reading my mad posts.

    @MissTerious...Thank you. Take Care!

  13. Doctors blame your genes when they cant find any reason for a problem you may be facing!
    Makes me feel veryyy powerless! :P

  14. @ Alka, nice to know about your educational background. :)